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Link Building After Google Algorithm Update: Is it still important?

Years comes and goes but the discussions on SEO link building remains the same in communities and as time passes, it is becoming more controversial.

While some say that the links should appear organically (earning links naturally), others, including myself, believe that SEO strategies should include the process of link building, which today remains critical. But it’s totally different from how it was before.

Links are and will be important when we talk about SEO

Regardless of the links that come naturally or by link building, in turn, continues to be the main ranking factor for the search engines, according to the study that was done by Moz last year:


Content marketing for gaining links is a myth, study finds

“Links are still a strong signal within the Google search algorithm required for classification within SERPs crowded,” says Andrew Dennis in his article on building manual links. The article also cites a comprehensive study showing that there is no correlation between social interaction and achievement of links:

“In a larger sample of 750,000 and shared posts, we found that over 50% of them had received zero links. This suggests that as many posts receive shares, and in some cases a large number of interactions, it is much more difficult to acquire links. In our total sample of 1 million messages, there was no correlation of global social interactions and links, implying that people share and are linking for different reasons. The correlation of total social interactions and links to the domain throughout the sampling 750,000 articles was only 0,021, “says Steve Rayson, director of BuzzSumo.

What Rand Fishkin has to say about link building?

Rand Fishkin, the Moz and one of the leading authorities on SEO in the world, said the following in his post :

“In my opinion, focusing on link building makes sense when it meets certain conditions. We know from our own experiments, the correlation data, Google itself claims and a series of market data that links continue necessary when the subject is moving up in the rankings “.

Which is the best way to build links?

But before talking about the best way to do link building, let’s talk about the worst techniques that you should never follow: Buying links, directory links, forums and all types of links that can be manipulated.

The best way to do link building, in my opinion, is through publishing digital press release. It is functional and follows Google’s guidelines as a part of an existing process prior to the creation of Google, there is no manual intervention and can generate great authority links.

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