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What Can WordPress Hosting Do For Your Business?

WordPress Hosting Do For Your Business

Your website is an important entity for running and scaling your business needs. Your organization’s website functions according to uptime, security, and speed, as WordPress guarantees that your website is always online, safe, and fast.

Fully optimized WordPress hosting can be a game changer for website design and digital marketing businesses. However, selecting the right WordPress platform is a high-stakes decision when your work stream entails constructing and managing several client websites with unique requirements.

With WordPress hosting, you can streamline the website building process for yourself and all your clients (large or small) while also earning extra money. 

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Let’s get a closer insight into how WordPress hosting helps grow your business.

What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting exclusively for WordPress websites. It ensures optimal WordPress performance and easy platform maintenance.

By choosing a WordPress server, you can access many tools and services designed for WordPress websites. WordPress hosting includes features like one-click installation, automatic software upgrades, and a team of WordPress support specialists to help you to develop your website.

Standard Web Hosting & WordPress Hosting: The Difference

You may have heard about the two terms used interchangeably and wondered what the difference was. The most important thing to know is that “web hosting” refers to all types of website hosting, including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.

Web hosting is a much broader term that encompasses the act of an individual or business purchasing space on the Internet to make their website accessible to the world. For example, if you want to create a website for your company, you will need web hosting because you will need to host it to get your website online.

WordPress hosting, on the other hand, refers to hosting designed for the WordPress CMS that provides high levels of performance and technical support and support for the most recent WordPress updates.

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What Makes WordPress Popular?

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world; as of 2022, it has a gigantic market share of 43% of all websites (that’s over 450 million!). The big question, though, is “why?”

For starters, it’s one of the market’s most powerful, adaptable, secure, and user-friendly alternatives. Furthermore, from its inception in 2003, the WordPress platform has evolved constantly, with continual enhancements to satisfy the changing needs of users, ranging from new features and plugins to security patch updates.

Not to mention the 59,000+ free plugins and 9,000+ free themes accessible, allowing you to develop and customize your website the way you want.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting?

The main reason why most businesses and individuals choose WordPress hosting is that it is effortless to use, and there are more benefits to using WordPress, have a look!

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Extra Services & Extra Revenue

Assume you are working with clients and have completed a few ad hoc jobs for them. Offering to host their website usually entails setting up a retainer so you can count on a more consistent income. In addition, you can charge a premium extra for website maintenance if you use an external hosting provider and then resell hosting to your client.

Quick Setup

Because WordPress is pre-installed with your hosting account, you won’t have to waste time downloading the CMS to your server. Purchase a plan, and you may begin constructing (or moving) your clients’ websites in no time. There will be no confusing server settings to fiddle with, and all the tools you require will be available immediately.

Furthermore, most providers make it simple to add extras like SSL certificates and domains in the same spot, allowing you to set those up quickly.

Excellent Performance

Fast WordPress hosting boosts website performance, reducing bugs and system freezes; it also improves your clients’ websites in various areas, including page speed. Fast sites equal happy customers, and satisfied customers bring in more revenue.

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Automatic Updates

Managing many sites requires more time to handle all of their upgrades and security patches. However, if your clients’ websites are not updated regularly, they will not only miss out on essential bug patches but will also be more vulnerable to external security attacks.

That is when WordPress hosting comes in handy! Many affordable WordPress hosting plans include an ‘automatic updates’ function, which means that instead of manually updating each site in your portfolio, each site updates on its own. That means your developers will have more time to focus on creating visually great websites.

WordPress updates may be handled for you by a well-managed WordPress host. However, knowing why managed WordPress host will keep your software up to date and actively monitor how each update affects your site through automated tests, ensuring that your site continues to perform smoothly. The update can be instantly rolled back if an issue is discovered, restoring your site to working order.

Managed WordPress Hosting for small businesses also ensures higher ROI for low-capital ventures. After all, they need to invest time in business rather than focusing on technical operations.

Comprehensive Security

We all know security is one of the most pressing concerns for government entities, banks, or any data-centric business. Handling confidential data and sensitive material for multiple firms necessitates exceptionally tight security for your WordPress hosting. Most providers offer security measures such as two-factor authentication and pre-installed security plugins to protect your client’s data from prying eyes. Many of them, including us, also have data centers that feature the latest in hardware and software security, ensuring that your WordPress hosting is secure from every viewpoint.

Expert Assistance 24/7

A web hosting firm that does not specialize in WordPress may need help to address WordPress-specific technical issues. When you contact customer service about a problem with your website, you want to speak with someone who is knowledgeable about WordPress and has the experience to handle your website issues.

In addition, shared and VPS hosting may be less expensive than WordPress hosting. Still, suppose you encounter an issue, such as an attack on your WordPress site or downtime. In that case, it may take several days of emailing back and forth to get your support request escalated to someone with WordPress familiarity and expertise to address the issue. In the meantime, you may be losing thousands of dollars in sales.

It is essential to have the 24/7 technical support that WordPress hosting offers, ensuring that your website is safe with a team of professionals to assist you all day and night.

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Tools For Developers

If your team wants to get hands-on with your server environment, our WordPress hosting with cPanel plans offers developer-friendly tools that you will not find in other shared hosting plans. In addition to the fundamentals like SFTP, database access, and error/access logs, you receive tools like SSH, staging, GIT, and WP-CLI. You also get support for customer PHP and more.

The ability to easily clone your live site and test your changes is quite useful, as it allows you to submit modifications back to your production site using your workflows.

Resource Scalability

The scalability of WordPress, or the ability to handle and respond to abrupt traffic increases, is crucial for any online business. For example, if a celebrity endorsement delivers more traffic to your website, the unanticipated spike in page views will necessitate additional resources. WordPress is very scalable as long as its hosting platform can handle the increased database requests induced by high traffic.

As your company expands and your website acquires traction, you will need more website resources to keep things running correctly. You must also be able to receive client data efficiently. Moreover, any unanticipated downtime could result in lost sales and harm your brand’s reputation.

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Summing Up

Considering all WordPress hosting offerings for your company, it is no surprise it’s so popular. It is excellent for easing the pressures of business life, making it easy to design beautiful sites for customers and manage everything without fuss.

Managed WordPress hosting offered by MilesWeb provides an easy and manageable platform for everyone running WordPress websites. Along with affordability, MilesWeb also provides a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, and fast SSD storage, making WordPress hosting a value for money.

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