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Best WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments Plugins


WooCommerce sites can provide you with a better online shopping experience but it doesn’t have any default options for booking and appointments. This is why you may need to depend on extensions to get the job done and these extensions are called WooCommerce bookings and appointments plugins. Each plugin has its own features and it is very necessary to have a better understanding of every plugin before you choose it.

In this busy world, customers do not have the patience or enough time to finish anything that takes more than an hour or two. When you allow your customers the opportunity to schedule an appointment, it not only saves time but also brings more sales and this is what a WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin offers. Let us start with the things to be considered before choosing a plugin.

Important Things to Consider before Choosing the right WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments Plugins

Do you know what is the most advantage of using WordPress for your website? It is the WordPress plugins that perform most of the difficult and technical tasks for you. This is why selecting the right WordPress Plugin is always a tricky and hard part. Below are some of the important things you should consider while choosing the right WooCommerce bookings and appointments plugins.

  • Check customer reviews – it is always better to go through customer reviews before you choose WooCommerce plugins, this works the same as the way you shop clothes, shoes, and other accessories. The reviews can help you to have an idea about the performance of the plugins such as the speed, use, etc.
  • Ensure security – while downloading the WooCommerce plugin, make sure that you are downloading it from a repository of WooCommerce to avoid getting hacked or installing a virus into your system. Moreover, to ensure the security of your WooCommerce website, you can use WooCommerce security plugins.
  • Look for ratings – checking the ratings of WooCommerce plugins are similar to that of checking the reviews. It helps you to understand which plugin has been used by most of the users. It will also allow you to see how many people have downloaded the plugin.
  • Mobile friendly – since most of the customers use smartphones to make bookings and appointments, it is essential for the plugin to work well on mobile phones.
  • Email marketing – in order to provide notification to the customers via automatic emails after the booking confirmation, you may need to integrate your plugin with the email provider. This is one of the features you should seek for while choosing the right plugin.
  • Automated timeslots – the appointment booking form should accept the request of customers according to the timeslots available during business hours.

Now you know, what all things need to be considered before you decide to select any particular WooCommerce Plugin. Next, we should move to the most used WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugins.

Best WooCommerce Bookings and Appointment Plugins

As you know, there are many plugins. Here are some of the top-rated WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugins that may drag your attention.

1. Amelia WooCommerce Appointment

Amelia WooCommerce Plugin

 Amelia enables efficient online booking and appointment processes on WooCommerce websites and has many numbers of specific features. This plugin offers a display of products and services on the website by the visitors for booking. With the help of this plugin, website visitors can display many services and products for booking. It also facilitates you to create a well-featured system for booking and appointments on your website. For small businesses, Amelia is indeed a great tool and also for individuals who rely on regular appointment scheduling. Some of the key features include:

  • Provide a friendly response.
  • Enables sending emails to customers after booking.
  • It supports both zoom and googles calendar.
  • Helps to manage various locations.
  • Provide better customer support and feedback.
  • Easy to create customized layouts and designs.
  • Facilitates search function.
  • Easy to create discount coupons.

2. Bookly

Bookly Plugin

It is a free WooCommerce scheduling plugin that enables you to accept online bookings and automate your process of reservation. It is quite expensive when compared to other plugins and is the best for anyone who could afford a budget. It can easily manage your online appointments whether it is for health care, transportation, beauty spas, fitness, and the list goes on. Bookly is more convenient to users as it does not require any coding experience and helps to concentrate on what you want most that are satisfying your customer or piling up your sales. Some of the features are:

  • Completely responsive.
  • Allows adding multiple booking forms.
  • Supports WooCommerce Multilingual plugin.
  • Easy to provide different timeslots.
  • Consists of a booking admin panel.
  • Easy to customize layout and booking form.           

3. BirchPress

BrichPress Plugin

BirchPress is another appointment plugin that is used by visitors to search for availability, book appointments, and make online reservations as well. It also sends notifications via email to the customer and notifies them about these appointments that are scheduled, rescheduled, canceled. It is very simple and customizable according to the user’s preference such as setting up the time format, currency changing the semblance of your appointment form, etc. Some of its features consist of:

  • It can be customized and has an inbuilt editor.
  • Send email notifications.
  • Accepts online transactions.
  • Can sync with calendars.
  • Developer friendly.

4. Start booking

Start Booking Plugin

 It is an online booking plugin for WooCommerce websites. It is one of the best plugins that can manage and maintain online bookings and customer relationships. It saves our time and is very much easy to set up. It also allows you to sync your calendar with the plugin and automatically notifies dates and timings. This apparently leads you to stay updated about the bookings and appointments. Also, you can use a shortcode to set up several booking forms according to the services and products. Some of the features are:

  • Maintains healthy customer relations.
  • Schedules appointments and bookings.
  • Syncs dates and times as per the calendar.
  • Works with google calendar.

5. Plugin Hive

PluginHive Plugin

This is the most efficient and cost-effective plugin that can be used on your website. It paves the way for other service providers and businesses to incorporate and power up their WooCommerce platforms in a simple way. It also enables automatic delivery of emails to the customer once the booking is done. You can also make changes in your bookings (by editing, canceling, or confirming) on the WooCommerce dashboard under the bookings section. The features include:

  • Saves cost.
  • User-friendly even easy for beginners.
  • High flexibility and functionality.
  • Available in different pricing options.

6. RnB WooCommerce booking and rental plugin

RnB WooCommerce Plugin

 If you want to deal with bookings and rentals, then this is the best among the many options you may have. Using this plugin, you can easily add and manage unlimited rental services or products in your store. It is very easy to install and comes with a lesser price and makes your store sufficient enough to rent any products with zero effort. Apart from that, the customers will also have the option to negotiate the cost simply by giving a request in the form of a quote. It also provides the option to set up a customized and specific rental booking system on your website. The features include:

  • Customizable booking system.
  • Options to negotiate the price.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Easy management of orders.
  • Supports various languages.

 7. Tyche Booking and Appointment Plugin

Tyche Booking Plugin

Tyche is the best option for customers looking for 30 days money-back guarantee with excellent performance. This plugin allows your customers to specific time slots like hours or days, mark holidays as not available locally or globally, according to their own needs. Once you book your slot, that slot becomes inaccessible to others. Another significant part is the real-time testing availability, which makes the process easier and useful when multiple users are testing the availability of products and services. Moreover, there will be an automatic update of both the user’s and the admin’s booking calendars. Some of the features include:

  • 30 days cash-back guarantee to the customers.
  • Real-time testing and booking availability.
  • Customized slots as per convenience.
  • Supports all WooCommerce products.
  • Excellent user experience design (UX).

8. Booking Calendar

Booking Calender Plugin

 This is the most easy-to-use and highly operational plugin for your website. It gives a well-organized booking service to the customers and is best suited for the professionals like doctors, lawyers, gym coaches, photographers, etc. You can also add bookings forms to the WordPress posts using the Booking Calendar plugin. Moreover, the admin has full control over the booking since the admin can accept or decline a booking. The features include:

  • Admin panel controls the booking.
  • Can be installed on mobile phones.
  • Booking forms can be customized and are flexible.
  • It Syncs with google calendar.
  • Notifies the customers about the booking through email.
  • Supports online payment.
  • Easy to add elements on the booking form.

9. Pinpoint Booking System

Pinpoint Booking Plugin

A plugin like Pinpoint Booking System is a suitable option for small and large businesses. It is very easy for the admins to manage the booking calendar since the administration area is simple, diverse, and instinctive. The customers can make a booking directly from your WordPress website whether you have products or services with an advance booking option. Though it is difficult to schedule your book appointment using this plugin, you can make use of an AJAX- calendar. You can also customize the booking calendar from templates to functionality, as per your preference. This plugin enables you to rent a product in just a few clicks within a page, thus making the process much simpler. The features of the Pinpoint booking system include:

  • Simple.
  • Affordable to purchase.
  • Supports various languages and currencies.
  • Ideal for small and big businesses.
  • Customized templates and functionality.

10. YITH Booking and Appointments

YITHBooking Plugin

If you are looking for booking apartment facilities, hotels, or rooms, then YITH is the best option. It allows you to rearrange the plugin for another day or hour depending on your needs. It also provides an excellent customer experience but it is a bit expensive too. The customers can sync every appointment or booking made in their account with the google calendar. This reminds the customers about their booking. Some of the features include:

  • Easily configures discount (weekly, monthly, even last minute).
  • Easy to cancel the booking even before the date of commencement.
  • Customized data format.
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies.

11. Easy appointments

Easy Appointment Plugin

 It allows you to add a booking system to your WooCommerce store, thus helps to manage appointments easily. If you have many numbers of employees, various locations, and multiple services, then this plugin is a better choice. It delivers notifications to the customers as well as the admins through email after the booking. Like many other plugins, you can sync your account with the calendar. The features are:

  • Easy sync with calendars.
  • Supports and integrates with PayPal transactions.
  • Customizable booking forms.

12. WooCommerce Appointments

WooCommerce Appointment Plugin

 This advanced plugin offers a different option for booking appointments in your WooCommerce store. This plugin helps you to make a flexible appointment with either advance payment or a confirmation.  In addition, it can be integrated fully with WooCommerce and bring forth a range of features to let you manage appointments with ease. Here are some of the features:

  • Allows to make booking and appointment from WooCommerce store.
  • Provides notification via email.
  • Integrates with multiple WooCommerce tools.
  • Helps to make appointment with just a confirmation.

Wrap up

In this article, we have discussed different WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugins and the criteria to be followed while choosing a plugin for your website. WooCommerce booking and appointment plugins consist of excellent and interesting features including mobile response, online transactions, automatic email notifications and reminders, a user-friendly interface, and a lot. Moreover, it also provides you with multiple options and time slots of your choice. If you take booking seriously, then plugins are a must-have, no matter what your business is.

The Author

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