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WordPress Migration: Top Reasons to Migrate Magento to WordPress

September 18, 2019

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Starting a new e-commerce store selling goods and services online!!

You must be strategizing to get it done… obviously!!

Which platform are you planning to choose to reach your target audience appropriately??

Earlier, Magento was the only platform for online dealers to give them an exceptional experience for the shopping cart systems. But, technology has upgraded itself a lot, so, follow the manner in which the websites were developed. The newly emerged platforms have made every task seamless and effective.

Simultaneously, the visitors also show their urge to switch to the platform that can give them more business with less effort. It has been estimated that the WordPress platform is one of the leading platforms with advanced features and functionalities. WordPress can give you extensive reasons to choose for building websites that work best for your brand.

Choosing the right platform can affect your sales, user experience and revenue of your online store. That is why, to meet the market demands, it is vital to upgrade your website.

You must be owning a fully-functional website that might be ranking well on the search engines but what is the use if you are not updating it with the new features injected in the market. Amending the website according to the latest market trends is important to give a new edge to your website. The best thing is to switch your existing or traditional website to a new and better version.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the reasons to migrate your Magento website to the WordPress website.

Before proceeding further, it is important to keep certain things in mind, that is:

● Get the hosting first. With large options, WordPress provides economic (basic) to premium packaged plans for your ease.
● Then, it is mandatory to install a WooCommerce plugin. For installation, you can go with easy digital downloads, WPeCommerce and many more.
● There are third-party plugins as well that you can also install for the migration process. Such as FG Magento to WooCommerce and Cart2Cart, etc.

Now, it is apparent what it requires to install Magento to WordPress. So, let’s find out the fundamental reasons for migration.

Table of Content

Top Reasons to Migrate Magento to WordPress

Top Reasons to Migrate Magento to WordPress

# Easy Accessible

Magento websites are not as easy to use as compared to WordPress. WordPress authorizes you to access the new plugin and themes features. Whereas in the case of Magento, you need to take assistance either from an expert or a developer for accessing the online store. With WordPress, you can track orders, payment options, deliveries and shipping management, many more. So, better is to choose a user-friendly and simple platform instead of sticking in between the jumble of non-accessible functionalities.

# Quick and Easy Ecommerce Integration

WordPress has a lot in its pocket to give you, if you are using this CMS for publishing the content. You can anytime download and install the WordPress plugins according to your requirements for selling products and services. Integrate comprehensive e-commerce functions to your business website in a convenient manner.

# Customers As The Patron

With favourable approaches, WordPress has impressed every customer. The convenience of the customer should be your top priority. WordPress has beaten Magento in every aspect. Customers can effortlessly add products to their carts, perform the necessities and can check out easily. It may be of interest to you that the majority of customers are often overwhelmed by the functionality of advanced WordPress websites. Though, this does not happen with Magento anymore. It implies that as an owner you can invest a lot of money and pay money to get an online store with extensions.

# Multiple Template Options

WordPress is one of the most prominent content management systems with structured pages and posts. It provisions you unique flexibility to select your template or customize your template in a single page. While building a website, there is no need to manage several template files, loops or set of functions to develop a suitable template. Magento has a long process to execute the functionalities whereas, in the case of WordPress, it is just a matter of few clicks.

# SEO Friendly

One of the major factors in driving traffic is search engine optimization. Magento does not give you as beneficial results as WordPress can give you in case of managing to rank in the search engines. WordPress has SEO plugins which make it easier to integrate the features on the website. For instance, the Yoast plugin is the one which is known for making your website as SEO-friendly as possible.

# WordPress offers a Basic Cognitive Process

The main advantage that one can get by migrating the website to WordPress is that it allows you to learn the basic fundamentals of creating and managing a website. The websites can be created with ease with WordPress, though, Magento demands technical skills for development.

#Quick and simple eCommerce integration

If you already use WordPress as a content publishing tool, you can find a lot of content in the store. Whenever you are interested in selling services and products online, you can download and install some of the top WordPress plugins at any time. These plugins allow you to add the perfect eCommerce features to your website. The most beneficial part is that this is always performed in a handy way.

#Steep Learning Curve

WordPress typically has a steep learning curve corresponded to the Magento e-commerce solution. This implies you can use WordPress to master the basics of managing and creating websites. The website design method in WordPress is much easier than creating a web page in Magento. You will have to spend time on coding in Magento, and in WordPress, you can accomplish this in some clicks.

Wrapping Up

After accumulating the varied factors provided by Magento and WordPress, it is clear that WordPress is eternal. So, there is no doubt that migrating your Magento website to WordPress is a beneficial deal. Make your website fully-featured and enhance its functionality. Enjoy the pleasant voyage.

Please let us know about any suggestions and queries in the comment section below. We will be happy to help you out. Thanks for reading!!

Jason Daszkewicz

Jason Daszkewicz is an IT enthusiast with 7+ years of experience in developing WordPress websites. Currently, he is associated with WordSuccor – Magento to WordPress migration agency in the USA. He loves to keep abreast of the latest technologies and tools in the corporate market.

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