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The 15 Best Survey Plugins for WordPress to Know

wordpress survey plugins

So you’ve designed your website on WordPress, and you’re feeling pretty proud of it! Unfortunately, it’s easy for us to lack objectivity when it comes to our own website, and just because we’re happy with the way it looks and functions doesn’t mean that our website visitors are. Finding out exactly what people think of your website is essential if you want to optimize it for lead generation, sales conversions or just provide the best user experience possible.

And the best way to find out what people think? Ask them! A survey is the most powerful tool for understanding visitor impressions, so adding a survey plugin to your WordPress website is a great idea for gathering that feedback. There are a lot of options out there though, so we’ll take you through some of the best. But before you go hunting for a survey plugin, you’re going to need to know what it is you’re looking for.

What To Look Out For?

When looking for a survey plugin for WordPress, there are a few key features you need to look out for. You’ve probably opted to build your website through WordPress to save time and energy in the building process and get your brand launched as quickly as possible – so you don’t want an unwieldy survey plugin slowing you down. Picking a plugin that’s highly user friendly will help you build your surveys without having to bother with any additional coding. A plugin that offers drag-and-drop features will let you move your question fields around to produce the best survey in no time. If you’re a new user then you might find templates especially valuable, as these are pre-designed and offer simple outlines to get started in.

Secondly, you want as many people as possible to fill your survey in – this means you’ll get the best data to work from. To this end, ensure your plugin works across multiple devices as users will be visiting your site from desktops as well as tablets and mobile devices. You also want to ensure that your survey plugin is built for integration with marketing services so you can promote it once it’s ready to go.

And lastly there’s no point building a survey if you can’t interpret the data you generate. You want concise and legible reports to be delivered from your survey, maybe even in real-time if you’re keeping your finger on the pulse. Many plugins come with a reports function, but others don’t and if you opt for these you’ll need to add a reporting plugin as well. As well as all these factors, there’s also price to consider – many plugins offer both free and paid services, so careful consideration of your survey needs will be essential.

Our Picks for The Best Survey Plugins For WordPress

Gravity Forms

“Gravity Forms use a drag-and-drop forms builder, so you’ll quickly be building functional surveys for your WordPress site, but this is more than simple templates. Using sophisticated conditional logic, Gravity Forms lets you build complex surveys that change depending on how users respond early in the survey. This means you can get tailored information about your site’s visitors. The pro version of Gravity Forms comes with tons of add-on features that let you build polls and quizzes to suit your data needs.

“However, this sophistication means that for new users it can be quite complicated to get to grips with and works best for those who are already familiar with a coding background. The price tag is high too, but that’s because Gravity Forms is a highly specialized service. If that’s not what you’re looking for then there are cheaper or even free options further down the list,” says Terry Washington, a tech writer.

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Quiz Survey And Master

The functionality of Quiz Survey And Master makes it stand out, as well as its free price tag – with optional paid addons. We found that getting used to the interface of this plugin took a little bit of time as it wasn’t the most intuitive, but once gotten to grips with there are loads of options to choose from. You can give respondents a hint to nudge them towards giving you the feedback you need and by tagging questions you can easily group the answers you get for advanced analytics.

HubSpot WordPress Plugin

HubSpot offers a range of marketing and software tools and their WordPress plugin is part of that range. This plugin is free to use, and has many features including live chat, customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing functions as well as in-built analytics.

HubSpot’s plugin is easy to use – build forms with the drag-and-drop function and you’ll be gathering customer information as well as valuable qualitative feedback from website visitors. Using the CRM tools, you can sync your data to make it easy to track. HubSpot also offers customer feedback software that provides insightful methods of tracking customer experience.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a functional WordPress plugin and the basic plan comes in at just under $100 a year, but you get a lot of bang for your buck, including surveys and polls. “I found the survey templates the most helpful feature for this plugin,” writes Rodolfo Nordquist. “Many of the most common requirements are featured here and everything from cancellation rates to employee satisfaction can be queried with ease.”

Survey Anyplace

This functional survey plugin lets you create engaging surveys that will encourage feedback, as well as assessments and quizzes. There are so many features to choose from that you can create genuinely fun quizzes that visitors will want to fill out rather than click away from.

One of the best things about Survey Anyplace is that they have recommended survey templates that come pre-approved from other users. That means that if you’re struggling to figure out what to request from your site’s visitors you can use these templates to get instant data. You can incentivize responses by adding features like digital slot machines and scratch cards, and you’ll see guaranteed responses. You can build many valuable surveys with Survey Anyplace’s free plan, but you’ll be limited in the number of responses you can receive. Paid plans begin at $25/month.


As an entirely free WordPress plugin one of the best things about Forminator is that you won’t find any features being held back for a paid version. If you need a simple, functional form builder for your WordPress site then Forminator could be it.

Calculations, surveys, quizzes and polls can all be built through Forminator using their drag-and-drop features to create functional surveys in seconds. You can modify these to create something unique that builds a connection between you and your users.


SurveyMonkey originated in the late ‘90s to fill a gap in functional survey plugins and it’s incredibly popular across the web today. Their WordPress plugin allows you to add surveys to your site with ease. Endlessly customizable design options allow you to choose fonts and colors that will catch your users’ eye and encourage high rates of engagement.

There are both free and paid versions of SurveyMonkey, but they pride themselves on offering a functional free model. That said, their paid plans add additional value and with these you can incorporate your own branding into the surveys you build.

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker By OpinionStage

OpinionStage can boast big name clients such as Uber and the BBC, but that doesn’t mean they’re only for big players as they have a functional free plugin that anyone can use. The interactive surveys you can create with OpinionStage are sure to improve engagement, and it’s easy to use with many templates to choose from. The option of adding photo and video content to your surveys means that the content you build ends up being attractive to web users so you should see high completion rates and generate great data.


Hotjar’s WordPress plugin features all the usual functionality that comes with building polls and surveys, but this comes with additional tools that let you build optimized surveys that improve completion rates. The Form Analysis tool identifies where people are disengaging with your survey and helps you adjust your questions to ensure you get the best engagement. You can also tailor different surveys to appear on different devices which is extremely useful if, for example, you want to ask something different of those that are visiting on mobile devices.

GetSite Control

GetSite is a good option for getting a quick survey set up on your website as you can get it live as soon as the plugin is installed. This is one of the easiest plugins to use, and there are many display options to choose from. However, you can only build surveys in a widget format, so if you need to embed them in your site you’ll need to look elsewhere.

GetSite allows you to integrate your surveys with an email marketing strategy and get users to subscribe to your newsletter, so this is a good option if you’re looking for lead generation as well as user experience feedback.

Total Poll

TotalPoll is an easy to use plugin for WordPress that has loads of customizable options for surveys and polls that you need to add to your website. You can add photos and videos to encourage users to take part as well as incentivizing engagement through contests where scores are revealed at the end. You can also use TotalPoll to boost your SEO as the poll can be made visible on your sitemap.


Typeform lets you embed surveys into your website or build them as pop-up widgets depending on your needs.B eing able to include gifs and videos in your survey is guaranteed to boost engagement and you have a ton of great options for customizing your surveys. Get qualitative feedback by adding open-ended questions or make your survey multiple choice for ease of answer.

Modal Survey

Modal Survey is a great option for those that want to add survey plugins to their WordPress site and integrate digital marketing strategies at the same time as you have the option of subscribing those that partake in the survey to your email mailing list. As a tool it’s easy to use and you can customize quizzes and surveys so that they fit in with your digital design direction.

Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll is easy to use so you’ll be creating quizzes and surveys quickly. The templates they offer mean that you don’t need a background in design to create a beautiful survey and there are enough options for customization to make it feel unique. The downside is that you can only ask one question in each survey, so if you’re looking to really query your visitors you may find this tool too restrictive.

WP Forms

WP Forms is a completely free and open-source plugin for WordPress – that means you’ll never encounter features locked away in a premium version. Simple polls are easy to create but you can only create multiple choice form answers, so you’ll miss out on any qualitative data your audience might have to offer. It’s a good option if you need visitors to choose from a few predefined options, but to gather more sophisticated data you may need another option.


There’s a lot of choice out there for the survey plugins for your WordPress site, and you’ll find a lot of overlap in functionality. Unless you have highly specific needs such as branching logic or email marketing integration, we recommend exploring some of the free plugins. Often, UI comes down to personal preference and it’s essential that you select a tool that you feel comfortable using.

Once you’ve got your survey up and running, you’ll start to see the data flowing in. Site visitor feedback is one of the most valuable tools in improving lead generation and sales conversion, so by applying this data you’ll see your profits soar.

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Madeline Miller is a writer at Assignment Help services. She’s a web designer, digital marketing strategist and mother of three kids to boot.

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