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Dolphin Software FAQ

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What Is Dolphin?

Dolphin is a free software for creating social networking websites, dating websites and dating communities as well. It is fully loaded with features as a result of which, one can create spectacular websites. Dolphin is a leading community software applications that is open source, easily downloadable, scalable and customizable.

Dolphin software provides you with features like video player, video chat, recorder, forums, events, mailbox, video sharing, photo sharing, iPhone app and much more. You can either use Dolphin to build your own business or you can also use it for developing a hobby website.

System Requirements For Dolphin:

  • Available Space : Unlimited MB
  • Required Space : 60.72 MB

What Are The Main Features Of Dolphin?

Create Your Own Community Website

The power-packed features offered by Dolphin enable you to create a great community website on your own terms. You can create a community website with biggies like YouTube, MySpace, Flickr and Facebook. Dolphin is fully customizable and you get complete control over it. If you are working with Dolphin, there can be no limitations to your imagination. Dolphin community builder is free and open source through which you can create any type of online community.

A  Variety Of Features In One Software

Dolphin offers online dating software, social networking software and advanced content management system all in one. Therefore, with Dolphin, you can create any type of website you want. Dolphin comprises of all the features of dating scripts.

Open Source

As the Dolphin software is open source, you get access to a huge community. Dolphin offers simple and sophisticated tools for building your own community website. With Dolphin, you have the freedom to enhance your imagination and explore the complete potential of a huge community with over 50,000 members.

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Create Various Types Of Websites

With Dolphin you can create forums, photo galleries, video galleries, music database, blogs, polls, events, groups, chats, messenger boards, design templates and design languages. Dolphin is one of a kind when it comes to the features offered. Dolphin offers powerful builders and admin tools through which you can enhance your website features and make it more impressive. You can also add extensions from third party providers.

MilesWeb Hosting For Dolphin

You can sign up for MilesWeb hosting and use Dolphin on it. Create your website easily by exploring the vast potential of Dolphin. MilesWeb will ensure that round the clock support is provided to your Dolphin website and it is up and running smoothly.

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