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7 Unconventional And Creative Ways To Grow Your Email List

Every business needs to have an email list through which they can keep in touch with the existing customers and to communicate with the new potential customers. The number of email subscribers you get is directly related to the growth of your business.

Having a good email list is as important as implementing various SEO strategies for your website, but why is it so?

Let’s start with the fact that email is universally used, everyone sends and receives emails! It’s a widely used tool of communication that is at par with the social media channels. Through a good email list, you get the power to get more conversions as compared to any other marketing strategy. Your emails can establish a direct connection with the audience if done right!

Having said that it is crucial to build an email list that does not just comprise of masses, you need to have the email addresses of people who can be your ideal customers!

You can secure a huge return on investment through email marketing but the trick is to create an email list that is highly targeted.

Here are some very effective, creative and unconventional ways to grow your email list:

Have A Pop-Up On Your Website

Adding a pop-up bar to your website is really beneficial. The pop-up is quickly shown and it is very easy for the people to add themselves to your subscriber list if they wish to receive further updates.

You can either install a pop-up window that is shown right away when the visitor gets to your website or you can have a pop-up that slides in when the visitor scrolls down the page up to a certain point or a pop-up that is displayed when the visitors perform a certain action that indicates that they are leaving the website.

The content displayed on the pop-up window does the trick and the visitor will either opt for email subscription or not based on what he/she reads on the pop-up window. You need to write a few words that will make the visitors think and perform the right action.

It’s easy to create pop-ups on your website or blog if you are working with WordPress. Here are some plugins you can use for creating pop-up window:

Host A Giveaway

You can host a giveaway on any of your social media channels; you can host it directly through your website or through some other platform. Hosting a giveaway is a great way to secure more email subscribers. It would be great if your giveaway comprises of something that is directly related to your business as it will help in attracting potential customers and they may end up being the actual customers after sign up.

People will enter the giveaway contest through their email ids and you can add these to your email list. Remember, people will only enter their email ids if the giveaway is really something they are looking for so make sure to carefully plan the giveaways.

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Host A Webinar

You can host a webinar on some topic related to your business or industry, this is also one of the most excellent ways to grow your email list. Moreover, you will get the emails of targeted customers as people will only sign up for your webinar if they like the topic. Unlike any type of downloadable content that can be seen and kept aside, a webinar that you conduct will provide an opportunity to the people to get to know you and this results in creation of trust as well.

If they like your webinar, they will like to receive emails from you as well!

Make sure that the webinar you conduct does not look like a sales pitch, it should be more informative and interactive.

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Participate In The Virtual Summits

Another very effective way of growing your email list is participating in the virtual events and summits. When you participate in a virtual summit, you can leverage on a larger audience and get your name out there to a huge number of participants. While participating make sure to offer a freebie that will allure people to visit your website and sign up for your email list towards the end of the summit.

Virtual summits are created for almost every field now. You can look for them online or on the social media websites and participate in them. You will have to apply for many virtual summits and be a part of the summits that you get selected for.

Apart from getting to know people and getting their email ids, you might also get a chance to speak in one of the summits! Cool, isn’t it?

Encourage Your Subscribers To Share Your Emails

Just like you add social sharing buttons in your email newsletters, you can also add an option that says ‘Email to a friend’. This way you will gain access to friends, colleagues and family members of your subscribers and this is a great way to expand your email list. At the bottom of your emails that are forwarded by your subscribers, you can add a “Subscribe” Call-To-Action link that is text based so that the people who receive the forwarded emails can opt-in easily.

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Create A New Lead-Generation Offer

Create a new whitepaper or an eBook and upload it on a suitable landing page on your website. The visitors who are interested in accessing this whitepaper or eBook will have to enter their email addresses to download it. Make sure that the topic of the whitepaper or eBook that you are creating is really interesting and something that your audience will like reading, only then they will download it. This procedure is known as a ‘gated offer’ and works really well in getting more and more email addresses.

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Make Use Of Social Media

Promote An Online Contest : You can host a free giveaway through your social media channels in exchange of contact information of people. Encourage people to click on your website link and sign up through their email addresses.

Twitter Campaign : You can easily create a Twitter campaign for promoting an eBook or any free resource for your followers. Your followers will have to enter the email address in order to redeem it.

Promote An Offer On Facebook : You can promote content on your Facebook timeline and your followers will have to sign up for accessing it. Before you do this, make sure to add the social sharing buttons to the landing pages of your website and along with thank you pages that you can send to your potential customers for sharing the offers within their own networks.

Add CTA On Top Of Your Facebook Page : You can add a call-to-action button on the top of your Facebook page and link it to a landing page. For instance you can name the call-to-action button as ‘Sign Up’ and link this button to a landing page on your website where people will have to enter their email addresses for signing up.

Over To You…

Growing your email list is definitely worth the effort as you connect with more and more subscribers and you have more people who are interested in your offerings. As email marketing continues to flourish as a primary channel of outreach and communication, you will only make your email marketing campaign stronger with a huge number of email contacts. Irrespective of whether you are a business owner or a marketer, it is crucial for you to make sure that you keep adding fresh contacts to your email list and keep the numbers moving up!

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