Tips For Selecting The Best Linux Dedicated Server

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Updated onApril 13, 2022

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tips for selecting the best linux dedicated server
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It is essential to know which hosting solution best suits your website. If you are just starting, the shared hosting solution will be the best solution for you. However, in case you are looking to upgrade your website due to massive traffic, a dedicated server will be the best option to choose. Undoubtedly you want to choose the best-dedicated server solution for your business considering the factors like processor, bandwidth, memory, and storage. One factor missed here in the list is the operating system. Two familiar solutions come in this place: Windows server and Linux server. You can fully trust a Linux dedicated server as it ensures its users the best performance with dedicated hardware resources.

In this article, you will get a clear idea of the factors to keep in mind before selecting the best Linux dedicated server.

Why Choose A Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is the ultimate solution from power, control, and security standpoints. As the name suggests, the dedicated server allocates all the resources to its user, and you will not have to share the resources with anyone. Some reasons to consider a dedicated server:

Dedicated Resources:

Dedicated server does not force you to share resources with other users like a shared server. As the entire server is under your control, you eliminate risks of network congestion, your site slowing down due to higher resource usage by other tenants, higher downtime during high traffic, and poor loading times.

Fast Load Speed:

Loading speed has a direct impact on your business, even a one-second delay in response time can repel your customers. Your site loads faster on a dedicated server, thanks to more available resources. The loading speed will be higher than shared servers. 

Server Customization Option:

You have complete control over the hosting environment. Hardware specifications can be adjusted or modified in a dedicated server. These are not possible in a shared server.

More Scalability:

Dedicated server enables you to take control of your server’s hardware at any moment. You can request your server vendor for more storage space, processing power, or bandwidth to meet your increased requirements.

Excellent Security:

Companies with higher security demands always prefer a dedicated server. Choosing a dedicated server will eliminate security issues like malware or virus attacks from other tenants, thereby losing access to sensitive customer data.

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Why choose A Linux Dedicated Server?

In recent years, Linux has emerged as the most sought-after solution for a dedicated server. Unix-based open-source platform Linux is considered to be the most coordinated with technical resources. The strong eco-system of development platforms, server components, and applications of Linux attracts business owners the most.

Before we move to the main part of this article; the tips to choose the best Linux dedicated server, here are some important tips for choosing Linux dedicated servers:

Better Stability:

Linux-based dedicated servers offer better stability and steadiness than Windows servers. Linux servers don’t slow down usage over time. Besides, Linux servers have fewer instances of downtime.


Linux-based dedicated servers have an open-source origin. So, the licensing cost of Linux dedicated servers is lower than its counterparts, Windows servers.

Better Flexibility:

Linux platforms are easily customizable and more flexible.

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What Should You Consider Before You Choose A Linux Dedicated Server?

Now that you know that Linux dedicated server is extremely reliable in terms of performance. Below are some tips which will help you to choose the best Linux dedicated server.

Network reliability:

Only a reliable network of servers can smoothly load your website or application to your visitors. An unstable network can lead to higher downtime of minutes or days. The chance of this disaster is less in Linux dedicated servers. Some of the service providers promise to offer 99.95% uptime for Linux dedicated servers. You must select a service while choosing Linux dedicated server which will guarantee reliable connectivity to your website.

Technical Support:

Managing a Linux dedicated server needs higher technical knowledge as compared to shared servers and windows servers. You will need the expertise and solutions from the IT experts. Therefore, if you have decided to choose Linux dedicated server, customer support will ensure that the technical issues are dealt with in time. It will be best if you pick a service provider that offers the best and most economical technical support. Receiving technical support from your service provider will be the best option as they are the experts in handling the server issues.

Security standpoint:

The security factor is the most important while selecting a server; the same applies to a Linux dedicated server. Does your Linux Dedicated Server provider work with a security-first approach? If it is so, it is the best option for your hosting as your service provider will offer extra and complete security features to secure your website data. This feature of any server is very important as in case of any unexpected event like a cyber-attack, only a server with higher security features can save sensitive data of your customers.


An apparent target of each business enterprise is to scale and grow with time. This is your vision behind shifting to dedicated servers from shared servers. So, it is highly suggested that you check with your service provider of Linux dedicated servers whether you are getting enough support and chance to scale your operations to accommodate your business requirements. Generally, the service providers can help you to scale your server offering more storage and more bandwidth.


Control panel of the server offers a graphical interface and automation tools to the end-user to control the whole hosting process of your website. A stock control panel of a server may offer you limited options, but more flexibility and control options are a boon for cPanel Linux dedicated server users. cPanel features like easy email options, file management process, stable database management, and higher portability of cPanel make your experience controlling cPanel super smooth.

Server management:

Server management is a mandatory task to be never ignored by all server users. Every business owner wants a server easy to manage as that doesn’t make them busy with that specific task taking a lot of time from their daily operations. You will always search for a server where you can update your server operating system, monitor specific functions and features in cPanel, and install a new application in less time. The top Linux dedicated server providers offer provisions in your server to do all the tasks. As a result, longer management hours of your server won’t be your nightmare.

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Almost all hosting service providers boast to give you the best service experience – be it shared hosting or dedicated hosting. You should be a little cautious before finalizing the service provider for the server to host your website. High performance with great security and maximum control features for higher scalability are the two most important features to check while you are planning to take the best Linux dedicated server for your business enterprise. A server with complete root access, protection from DDOS, and quick provisioning, is a must to achieve your business goals, and those features are very common to expect from most service providers of a Linux dedicated server. Suggestions mentioned in this article will help you to boost your website or application hosted on Linux dedicated server.

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