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4 Social Media Content Ideas To Level Up Your Brand Strategy

social media content ideas

Social media has started to explode and grow exponentially since the early 2000s. Then, it became the platform to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. The scenario changed drastically in some years when small and big business platforms all over the world started to explore and unlock the marketing power of social media forums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 

To get success in social media and absorb the market, you should have a firm content creation strategy as well as professional content to position yourself as an expert, improve your brand value, engage new customers, and improve your search engine ranking. Having said that, creating relevant content for social media takes a lot of effort.

Let’s make the task easy for you! Here are 4 practical tips for creating captivating social media content for your business:

Consistent Communication Plan

Trust is very important for any business. Customers will get influenced to do frequent transactions with your brand if you can build trust among them. It is crucial to constantly work towards trust-building. You must work on creating a persistent social presence. If your customers feel your consistent online presence on every social platform, your trust factor will increase. 

On the contrary, if you show up on social media in a haphazard manner, your trust factor will decrease. This mistake is done by many small SMEs who want to develop a strong social media presence. 

Always keep in mind, initiation is always important; but consistency pays more.

Your followers and potential customers will recognize your voice and brand if you don’t miss reaching out to them regularly. Some easy steps will help:

Make realistic goals: When you plan your content calendar, don’t get overwhelmed and don’t plan unrealistic content sharing. Customers don’t like those brands that appear and vanish on social media like ‘fly-by-night’. Check your capability, decide how much you can manage, and plan accordingly.

Advance Planning: Every business wants to grow and stay forward on social media. Various tasks like content planning, content creation, graphics creation, posting, etc are to be done to achieve the goal. Every SME with limited resources knows how a mammoth task is and that task can be achieved if planned strategically. To play safe, just plan and stay relaxed.

Consistent Posting: A balance in social media posting will do magic – it will increase your reach, trust among followers, and your most wanted brand value too. Building your brand on social media posting is just like building a relationship. The more you call and text her/him, the trust factor of that relationship will grow, the same rule works on social networking platforms as well.

Use Of Tools: Your business has a lot of tasks to implement. Social media management of the brand is a part of the online presence. There are plenty of free and paid tools on the web to make your job easier. Do little research and do some dummy posting to confirm which tool works best for you.

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Know What Your Customers Want

A very interesting challenge for businesses is understanding what their customers are looking for. It’s the key to the treasure!

Posting on social media is like running a campaign on the web and you must consider the views of your followers and customers to get success. Knowing your customers will help you to develop a customized social media content strategy to convert your fans and followers to your potential customers. 

More Engagement: Promotion of your brand is necessary, but only paid promotion will not help. Engagement with customers on social media is the key to success. Talk about your brand and topic casually, not from a business standpoint; arrange question and answer sessions; allow guest posting; post frequent visuals of your brand. These are simple and efficient ways to increase engagement.

Run A Survey: Arrange a survey based on your product or service. Share a questionnaire on social media to be filled by your followers to get a perfect insight into their needs. Analysis of those answers will help you to capture the mind of your customers. You can use any social media survey tool for efficient completion.

Respond To You Audience: Let your audience feel you are not away from them. Give them an impression you are just one click or one message away from them. Quick response to DMs on Facebook and Instagram will build good customer relationships. Once you start to respond to them you will find customers will start to reach out to you with plenty of queries regarding your product and services. You will enjoy replying to them; as a result, you will feel the pulse of your customers and get rewarded with a high reach of your brand on social media.

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Tell Your Story

Your brand is run by people, your everyday operations are performed by people, and with whom you are eager to build a relationship on social media are also people. 

People love to listen to stories and sharing stories through your social media handles regarding your brand, product, and service will increase your brand credibility.

Share Your Brand’s Story: Sharing your brand story on social media increases brand awareness. This process will instigate your followers to remember your brand as your brand will be more visible and easier to interact with. However, remember to be honest, and authentic while telling your story, rather than being imaginative. You can use insights, fun facts, and your company culture as ingredients to build your brand story.

Share Your Brand Journey: Every brand shares content on social media about their facts, testimonials, and statistics. It’s excellent to connect with your followers on social media. Add something more. Share your brand journey from inception to date. Use graphics like real-time images, and videos of your company, staff, and office to make that story more authentic. This is a unique initiative to make your brand more real, and memorable on social media.

Show Your Brand’s Human Side: An emotional attachment always strengthens the bond. To do that on social media, represent the human side of your brand as your followers feel more attached with humans, not brands. The easiest way to do that is to represent your team members, their roles, and their stories. 

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Convey A Positive Message

The web audience, particularly the social media audience is very impatient. They have a very short attention span and they are always in the habit of quickly scrolling through the feed. A positive, constructive, and productive approach from your brand standpoint will increase the chance of engagement.

Many brands try to gain followers and acquire potential customers through social media posts that are filled with data comparison and spreading negativity. They can get success for time being; however, for a steady social media presence, positive messages always have a long-lasting and healthy impact.

The success of your social media marketing strategy depends on the tone of your content on social media. Spreading positivity, kindness, and joy will perform as a magic wand. 

Whatever you share, text, photo, or videos, must spread positivity and can keep your followers out of the stress of life. It has been noticed that positive sentiment, humorous and uplifting posts can draw your customers closer to your brand.

Negativity can have a longer hold on the mind, as it creates a grudge. However, people get attracted to positive posts more as they create happiness. Some tips to follow:

  • Don’t feel shy to make the voice of your brand heard. Share authentic, honest, and positive messages consistently.
  • Always raise your brand’s inspiring face. This tough world hit by a global pandemic will like to see motivating messages.
  • Forget highly curated and filtered posts. Share unedited, and unfiltered, but authentic, relatable, and honest content to spread positivity.

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Paid promotion can bring quick results, but growing organic presence is also the key to building your brand on social media. A way to do that is by creating high-quality social media content for your business. As maximum people are working from home, the use of social media has risen a lot. 

It is high time to increase your brand value through social media handles. Listen to your audience, respond to them, and post relevant and valuable content. 

Work on building improved interaction with your followers through organic content. Just with the right strategy and maintaining quality over quantity, you can master your social media presence.

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