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Top 6 Reasons Why WordPress is Great For Beginners

Launching your website can be as nerve-racking as driving a car for the first time. Similar to the challenges you face as a new driver, as a newbie you might have to face some challenges with your website too. But you can design a website at ease with a platform like WordPress which can make your website journey a successful one.

A lot of bloggers, photographers, businesses, etc. rely on WordPress to build their website. This makes WordPress as the best choice for both- new startups and well-established organizations.

WordPress is a lot more than a usual drag and drop website builder. Rather, it is an open-source platform and a content management system with many functionalities. This lets users build a scalable, speedy and secure website.

With so many powerful features, comes great responsibility. If you are still confused about whether to choose WordPress for your website, then don’t be intimidated. We have combined together a list of reasons why WordPress is one of the excellent platforms for building your website for the first time.

1. It’s Free

Today, more than 35 million websites are built in WordPress. The reason is obvious, that the WordPress platform is free for anyone to download. Also, it’s an open-source platform since 2003.

You will only need to buy web hosting and a domain name to get started with your website. If you are on a tight budget, then MilesWeb’s affordable web hosting plans can meet your needs. The unlimited hosting plan includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and a free domain for lifetime.

A unique domain name gives your brand credibility and you will also get professional email accounts for your business. Make sure that you choose an affordable WordPress hosting provider that makes your sign up and migration process hassle-free.

2. Not Just a Blogging Platform

As mentioned earlier, WordPress is an open-source platform. This allows millions of developers to contribute to themes, plugins and code snippets. This increases the possibilities that all the functional requirement of your website can be met.

As a user, WordPress gives you the freedom to make major changes to your website without putting your hands into the complex part of coding. You get thousands of themes that you can choose from, letting you craft your website with your choice of color scheme, the right layout and user experience. Picking a theme can be hard for the indecisive but customizing themes, adding them and switching is only a matter of a few minutes.

The most important feature is that you can customize the website’s functionality just with a few clicks. Adding some available plugins, you can seamlessly turn your website from a portfolio to an e-commerce site or another type of online businesses. In fact, there are also some plugins that can help you boost your website’s performance, rankings and security.

3. Cakewalk to SEO and Responsive Designs

The two components that can make or break your website are not that easy to achieve. WordPress has already considered these factors on priority for those who are looking for a mobile-friendly website and better search engine rankings.

Only choosing WordPress for building your website is not enough. One must choose a responsive theme in order to make your website mobile-friendly. You can find a lot of themes online that fit all screen sizes. Not to worry in case you have picked a theme that isn’t responsive, with the help of a plugin, you can make it mobile-friendly. Plugins like Jetpack, WPtouch, WordPress Mobile Pack will be helpful.

The mobile-optimized site helps to improve the search engine rankings of your website. WordPress already has naturally built SEO. If pretty permalinks are enabled, that would be an advantage as they rely on words and not page identifier. Every time you update your site, WordPress alerts Google about it. Moreover, it’s easier for search engine bots to crawl through WordPress’ simple framework and link structure.

4. Galore of Support

Although WordPress provides 24/7 live chat support neither their phone support executives are available for telephone support, but you can get help for your site built in WordPress from anywhere, anytime. There are millions of users with different level of experiences, so you are not the only one facing difficulties with WordPress.

The main source of technical help for your WordPress issues is their support forums, with the main Codex documentation and resources. If you search online for your query you can also get help from some knowledgeable experts on Quora, StackExchange, etc. Additionally, if you have opted for a reputable and robust theme/plugin, the developers will offer support by themselves. WordPress also has a community for informal gatherings and conferences, called WordCamps.

5. Constant Improvement

WordPress is one of the largest communities, which is continuously evolving over the period of time to enhance its features and user-friendly interface. They are continuously bettering their system with the latest version.

Other than blogs, WordPress websites have improved excessively and are expected to grow in the near future. We can expect upgrades like: Added SEO features a more convenient dashboard and a lot more.

6. Multilingual

Currently, WordPress supports 180 languages, among which- not all the available languages are fully translated. 22 languages are 95% translated while 51 are 100% translated. They have a dedicated team of translators for translating WordPress completely.

Some plugins like WPGlobus and Polylang are available in WordPress to add multilingual capabilities to the site.


Not everyone who wants to build their website wants to spend their precious hours on coding and technologies. And that is why WordPress is an ideal tool for beginners and first-timers. Not only beginners but also developers use WordPress to build their site.

There are many advantages of using WordPress like it’s free, mobile-friendly, secure and fully customizable. If you are seeking for a platform that is easy to use, give WordPress a try! It will help you give your customers a better experience.

To conclude, I must say WordPress is an excellent CMS, if you are a newbie. We recommend everyone to use it.

Have something to share about WordPress? Do comment your thoughts below.

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